Consumers may overspend on DTV transition

October 24th, 2007

• Consumers who don’t understand the digital TV transition “may be stampeded into making the wrong choice and spending a lot more money than they have to,” a consumer group official says.

• Movie studios oppose “digital cable ready plus” (DCR+), a two-way plug-and-play technology favored by the Consumer Electronics Association.

• Harris Corp. wins a technical Emmy award for its digital TV filtering technology.

Comments (3)

  1. Hebard Olsen says:

    One Television Dealer says the transition is to HD TV not to digital TV.
    Two of three DVR DVD recorders have tuner but tell consumer that cable signals can’t be recorded except from outside of the box but one of them advertizes a QAM tuner. The one that does not give misinformation fails to tell that it does contain a qam tuner. The misinformation starts with the manufacturer specifications resulting in misinformed sales persons who only know how to misinform the public.

  2. Belvia Brown says:

    The only people this is going to affect is the poor and elderly who cannot afford to buy new televisions. The people who are on fixed incomes and cannot afford cable, or the cable company want’t extend their service if you live outside of the city , and those who cannot afford the exorbitant fees for Dish and Direct TV.
    Those persons on fixed incomes use most of their money for medicine and rent.

  3. mark imse says:

    I have an ac/dc tv in my truck, which i plug into a cigarette lighter, will the tv still work this way after this transition goes into affect.

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