LG’s converter box to carry Zenith brand

October 10th, 2007

LG Electronics will sell DTV converter boxes under its Zenith brand, according to the Associated Press. Zenith, once the leading American TV manufacturer, was a pioneer in remote control and digital television technologies. Today, South Korea’s LG positions Zenith at the lower end of the U.S. consumer electronics market. With an estimated retail price of $60, a digital-to-analog converter box is a decidedly low-end (albeit useful) product, so perhaps the Zenith tag should not come as a surprise.

LG is one of several electronics firms that will offer converter boxes. These small devices will allow millions of traditional TV sets to continue displaying over-the-air broadcasts after the analog TV shutdown in 2009. Beginning in January 2008, any U.S. household can request up to two coupons from the federal government, each worth $40 off the price of a DTV converter.

Older Americans are expected to be a key segment of the converter-box market, and some late-adopters may still look to Zenith as a familiar and trusted name.

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Comments (6)

  1. Stephen Powell says:

    Any information about what generation of ATSC tuner the Zenith box will have it?

  2. Steven Sande says:

    I wish I knew, Stephen. I have speculated about this before, but have still seen nothing definitive from LG/Zenith.

  3. keith ballard says:

    two years ago i purchased two zenith hdtvs and they are stunning technology i resent the remark about being on the low end of quality. i still have a zenith console that is 12 years old and it still works great.many tv manufacturers are having to pay royalities for zenith developments in hdtv. so get your facts straight before make arrogant comments as reorted in this so called article

  4. Steven Sande says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Keith — I wasn’t suggesting that Zeniths are low-quality. My point was about brand positioning. LG Electronics, which has owned Zenith since 1999, has shifted in recent years to promoting its own name. Here’s what LG’s web site says:

    …in the U.S. market, LGE changed its marketing strategy from a focus on the low end of the market using the Zenith brands and now has its sights set on LG as a premium brand by spending more than $100 million a year to market itself.

    Philips does essentially the same thing with another old-line U.S. brand. They sell their premium products under the Philips name and entry-level products under the Magnavox label.

  5. Ebbie says:

    What year were analog TV’s not made anymore, or how do I know if any of my TV’s are analog? Is there a general listing of names and models

  6. Stephen Powell says:

    >What year were analog TV’s not made anymore,

    Some were still being sold in 2007

    >or how do I know if any of my TV’s are analog? Is there a general listing of names and models

    There is no list. The easiest way to tell is to look at the TV’s specs and see if it has an “ATSC” tuner. If it doesn’t have one, then it doesn’t have a digital tuner. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, try googling the make and model numbers of the TVs to find out their specs.

    Or you can post the makes & model # in Yahoo Answers TV forum and ask if they have digital tuners.

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