High hopes for RCA’s DTV converter box

June 18th, 2007

The long-awaited RCA digital TV adapter, designed for over-the air viewers with old-style TVs, has yet to reach stores. For a hint of what we might expect, have a look at that brand’s combination DVD/VCR recorder with built-in DTV tuner, model DRC8335. Jonathan Takiff was especially impressed by the digital tuner:

When connected to a rooftop antenna (recommended), the on-board tuner pulled in an extremely stable picture from every digital TV station in town, including some channels I hadn’t been able to receive on much pricier high-def TVs!

At one major retailer, the price for the DRC8335 is about $220.

I have no idea, as of yet, whether DTV converter boxes from RCA will use the same tuner found in the DVD/VCR combo. Let’s hope for DTV converter performance that’s comparable to this early report.

Consumers who want a digital TV converter today may find recorder/DTV-tuner combos appealing. If you don’t mind waiting until next year, $40-off coupons from the federal government become available in January.

• Link: Philly Daily News

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