Circuit City turmoil continues

May 31st, 2007

The roller-coaster ride for Circuit City employees—and, potentially, customers—continues:

Richmond, Va. – Circuit City has dismissed 200 employees at company headquarters here today and has begun realigning store workers around the country as part of an ongoing corporate restructuring.

…On the store front, the No. 2 CE chain is re-deploying managers and sales clerks as it prepares to implement new store operating procedures in June….

Personnel shifts include the transfer or dismissal of managers at lower volume stores, effectively reducing the headcount from five managers per store to between three and five per location depending on sales volume. The company is also eliminating the position of product specialist. To fill the breach, Circuit City is creating a new, better paying supervisory role for front line sales associates that, “puts more operating authority into their hands,” Foreman said.

No more product specialists? This comes on top of the firing of 3,400 of the better-paid sales clerks at Circuit City, announced in March. I certainly hope the electronics retailer still has, at every store, a few employees who can help customers sort through the complexities of the digital TV transition.

Circuit City: Will service suffer?

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