Rather mulls offer from Cuban’s HDNet

June 16th, 2006

Dan Rather, giving a thumbs-down to the pencil-sharpening gig offered by CBS brass, is “seriously considering” a deal to host a weekly news program on Mark Cuban’s HDNet. In fact, he may decline offers from two major networks and instead sign a three-year contract with a channel that’s less famous than its outspoken owner.

Brilliant! If 16-year-olds are so bombarded by new media that they can no longer even identify the big broadcast networks, it would seem that Rather, by actively securing his continued obscurity, has slyly put himself ahead of the game.

Seriously, though. Why shouldn’t Dan Rather find a place where, on a smaller stage, he will be free to do the work he loves? Viewers would benefit from a new outlet for meaningful journalism, and Rather may even find a kind of redemption.

• Links: New York Times, Broadcasting & Cable

Comments (2)

  1. PoliticalCritic says:

    Good for Rather if he sets himself up with a good gig like that. The fact that he’s still working at 74 years old is remarkable in and of itself. I hope he works a lot longer and outlives the one story that the right has crucified him for.

  2. Steven Sande says:

    CBS had also put Cronkite, whose halo remains untarnished, out to pasture, and at an even earlier age. Rather hasn’t helped himself at times, perhaps, but at least he’s not from the journalist-as-lapdog school, and he deserves credit for the job he’s done.

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