Verizon will carry public TV’s multicast channels

June 16th, 2006

Public TV stations’ multicast channels will be carried on Verizon’s FiOS television service, under a deal announced today.

Under the multiyear agreement, every Verizon FiOS TV system will carry the full digital signal of up to three public television stations within the system’s service area, as well as any additional noncommercial station that does not duplicate programming of another station in the market. The agreement also includes PBS and local public television stations’ HDTV programming and local stations’ digital multicasts.

The 400-channel FiOS TV system is currently available in parts of seven states.

Public TV multicasts are available on many cable systems, too, as part of an earlier carriage agreement with cable operators. An FCC vote on June 21 could require cable systems to carry local multicast channels from commercial and noncommercial stations.

Public television is using its additional broadcast channels, made possible by the switch to digital TV, to good advantage. Its multicast services include PBS Kids Go!, Viva TV, World and Create.

While public broadcasters continue to serve the public in innovative ways, the Bush administration has proposed a 37 percent cut in federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week, the House Appropriations Committee voted to slash $95 million in funding.

• Links: press release, LA Times


  1. Ray Lani says:

    I am a fios subscriber now
    when 2009 digital becomes the standard will I be ok with fios on my tv
    thanks, Ray

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