What is EDTV?

This is archived content from Digital TV Facts. For up-to-date information on the digital TV transition, see the federal government’s site, www.DTV2009.gov.

Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV) is a product category for digital television sets between Standard Definition TV (SDTV) and High Definition TV (HDTV).

EDTV picture quality has been compared to the DVD format, and for some viewers the perceived quality is nearly comparable to HDTV. EDTV models are generally priced lower than HDTVs, and many consumers were content to sacrifice image quality when it meant saving a thousand bucks. But HDTV prices have now dropped so much that EDTV may not seem like much of a value.

EDTVs are available in wide-screen (16:9 aspect ratio) or conventional (4:3) formats.

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